Validation of V3 model results from ARCMFC

Here, we present results from validation of Version 3 of the model results that are produced by Copernicus Marine Service Arctic Monitoring and Forecasting Centre. Version 3 corresponds to ARCMFC ocean and sea ice models

Validation results for all weekly bulletins are available for the separate forecast variables, for

All values for biases result from subtracting observed values from model results. Hence, a model will have a positive bias if e.g. model temperatures are higher than the corresponding temperature observations.

There is also an overview of the various validation regions, available as

V2 Validation results

Validation results from V2, including PHYS (ARCTIC_ANALYSIS_FORECAST_PHYS_002_001_a), are available as

V2 validation time series

V1 Validation results

V1 simulations have been discontinued. Validation results from V1 are available as

V0 Validation results

V0 simulations have been discontinued. Validation results from V0 are available as

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