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MyOcean/MyOcean2 was the implementation project of the GMES Marine Core Service, aiming at deploying the first concerted and integrated pan-European capacity for ocean monitoring and forecasting. The first MyOcean project was funded by the European Commission during the period April 2009 - March 2012. More than 60 partners from 23 countries collaborating to build a robust European service that will supply basic oceanographic data products to public and commercial users.

The main objective of the MyOcean2 project was to deliver and operate a rigorous, robust and sustainable Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting system of the GMES Marine Service (OMF/GMS) to users for all marine applications : maritime safety, marine resources, marine and coastal environment and climate, seasonal and weather forecasting.

In the period from April 2012 to September 2014, MyOcean2 ensured a controlled continuation and extension of the services and systems already implemented in MyOcean, a previous FP7-funded project (April 2009 - March 2012) that has advanced the pre-operational marine service capabilities by conducting the necessary research and development. The project was later extended into MyOcean FollowOn making a seamless entry into Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) in May 2015.

Copernicus Marine continued operations with MET as Dissemination Unit into Copernicus Marine Phase 2. In May 2018 MET changed from Dissemination Unit to Production Center, for ARC-MFC and SI-TAC.

From January 2022 MET continues as a Production Center for the Copernicus Marine Service in Copernicus 2.

Products from the Copernicus Marine Service include both observational data from satellites and in situ observing systems as well as numerical analysis and forecasting services. Recognizing the diversity of oceanographic conditions in the European seas, Copernicus Marine Service takes a regional approach to production: separate product lines for the Arctic Ocean, the Northwest Shelf seas, the Iberian-Biscay-Ireland region, the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and the global ocean are integrated into a uniform, distributed service.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute is playing a key role in Copernicus Marine Service. met.no hosts the Arctic Monitoring and Forecasting Center and the Sea Ice Thematic Assembly Center. In addition, met.no has earlier provided secondary products to the Northwest Shelf Monitoring and Forecasting Center, and regional data to the Sea Surface Temperature Thematic Assembly Center. Together with the Institute of Marine Research and the Nansen Center for Environment and Remote Sensing in Bergen, met.no are responsible for development of the Arctic components of Copernicus Marine Service.

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